Monday, 14 September 2015

Starting high school tips!

Hello everyone, 
So I'm going to start off this post by saying I'm sorry I didn't post anything sooner, I have had a few family problems at home so I have been putting things on hold. 
Anyway back to the post, so many people will be back at school,college or sixth form or even university now and I can remember my first day at high school and I was Truly terrified. It was so much different then my small lower school, so I'm going to share with you lot my top tips for starting high school. 
1- My first tip for you all would to be, not to panic. On the first few weeks at high school I did get lost and was late to lessons on a few occasions, but if you are lost don't start to worry and get upset, look around and ask for help. If there isn't anyone in site just knock on a classroom door and ask politely if you could have some help, they won't bite, promise. 

2- Tip number two would be don't be afraid to talk to over people. Starting a new school means new people around you all the time so and having to sit with people who you had never spoke to before. Say hello and introduce yourself, you may be nervous about talking but the other person could be feeling the same too. 

3- organisation, this is key when you are going to high school. At primary you always get your pens and pencils given to you and if you lose them you could have another. However in high school this is different it's always good to have 2-3 pens and pencils on you so if one runs out you will have a spare pen. 

4- when you start high school you will be waking up very early so to help your morning routine easier prepare your school bag and dinner ( if you take it ) the night before so the next morning you know it's all ready for the day and you don't have a to rush.  

I hope these 4 tips help you on your journey to high school, the next 5 years are some of your best and will fly by! I hope you all enjoy school and make plenty of friends. 
Cya next time xo 

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