Monday, 31 August 2015

Body Shop Haul xo

Hello readers, 
Every time i go into town the one shop that never fails a visit from me is the 'Body shop', it is simply one of my favourite shops to visit to simply buy from there or just go in and have quick look at all their lovely products. So in this blog i will be doing a 'Body shop haul'! 

This is my box full of many products that i have bought from the body shop, obviously i have had a lot more products from there but they have been used up. One of my personal favourites from body shop is the coconut range, coconut is a weakness for me and i have bought a lot of their coconut products in the past and its always been well worth its money. 

The coconut products i have at the moment came in a Christmas gift box that i got last year for Christmas, it came with a Coconut body scrub, Coconut body butter , Coconut shower cream ,a scrunchy and a Coconut hand soap ( that has been used up ). I adore all theses products and as you can tell they have all been used and once they are finished ill be buying them again! Out of 10, i would defiantly rate them a strong 10 as i have noting negative to say about them. 

I love having lip balms in my bag when I'm out on my travels,and the ones i have right now from body shop are from the 'born lippy' range that cost around £4. Starting from the top, i have watermelon lippy, that smells like a melon melody and and once it hit your lips you feel like your eating watermelons. The next two are the strawberry (left) and raspberry (right) lippy's. The strawberry smells strongly of strawberry's and gives your lips a pink shimmer when its applied,the raspberry lippy smells very sweet and also like the strawberry, it gives you a pink shimmery lip. The last one i have is the satsuma shimmer, this is my favourite of all the four, it strongly smells of oranges and has glitter mixed in with it to give your lips a shimmer. All four lip balms are amazing and small super fruity! Out of 10, i would give them a 9 because they do leave your lips feeling a little bit sticky when they are applied.

The vanilla brulee soap smells beautiful and only costed me £5, i love the smell of vanilla and find like coconut, it leaves you with super soft smelling skin. I have not yet had chance to use this because i am using the coconut version, but i cant wait to use it and share with you lot my experience with using the soap. 

I am a bit of a clean freak and i always like to have a hand cleansing gel with me when I'm out. The two that i have right now from body shop are the satsuma hand gel and the strawberry hand gel that cost me £3:50 each. Out of the two, i have used the orange one the most, this smelly very strong of oranges when its applied to your hands and as well as cleaning your hands they leave them feeling soft. The strawberry one  smells very sweet and isn't as strong smelling as the orange one. Out of 10 they would get a good 10, as they are good value for money. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

This product i had actually bought by mistake as i had thought it was coconut, but actually it's cocoa butter. I am not a huge fan of the cocoa smell so it very rarely gets used but when i have used it, it has left me with lovely soft hands. The hand and body lotion only costed me £4 and out of 10 i would give this a 7, just because i don't like the smell of cocoa,but it is still a good hand lotion to use.

 Thank you for reading my 'Body Shop Haul' i hope you enjoyed reading it. Leave comments now below and also don't forget to leave me any questions you would like me to answer in m Q+A blog. 
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Questions for my Q+A

For my next post I'm going to be doing a Q+A so all you lovely readers can get to know me better! So if you could leave a few questions in the comment box below or follow my new Instagram page 'itsplainandsimple' and comment on there that would be amazing! 
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My first blog xo

So this is my first post on my blog ' It's Plain&Simple' I've decided that on my blog i will be sharing with you all what beauty products i use and rating them out of ten, also sharing with you my latest shopping trips that  I've been on and what i have purchased. I also enjoy baking, and i bake quit frequently, so i will do easy and simple to follow tutorials for you all to then share with me you outcome of the product.
I hope you enjoy this blog, speak soon, bye xo